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Stoma-Shell [Standard] Ostomy Protective Guard

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The Stoma-Shell [Standard] ostomy protective guard is designed to protect your colostomy or ileostomy, having dimensions to accommodate most ostomy bags and body types. 

This [Standard] version of the shell provides great range of motion, especially if your stoma is located lower on your abdomen.  This version may provide less support against belts compared to the Stoma Shell [Long], depending on the location of your stoma.  The [Standard] shell and [Long] shell both provide the same depth of protection, preventing compaction around your stoma.

This shell includes a sound-dampening foam pad on the inside and a hook-tape fastener for the outside of the shell.  The shell is easily fitted over your ostomy bag, under an abdominal belt (sold separately). This shell is also compatible with the Helios Ostomy Support Belt (coming soon). 

Note: The abdominal belt is not included.  The Stoma-Shell is compatible with almost all other ostomy belts, hernia belts, or other abdominal band.  Check back soon for our own revolutionary Ostomy Support Belt designed with the Shell.


Ostomy Protective Guards

Type: Colostomy, Ileostomy 

Size: Standard

Dimensions: 4.25"h x 5.25"w x 1.23"d

Weight: 22 g


*Not currently sold or shippable outside of the United States. 


SPECIAL OFFER: FREE SHIPPING (Available in the US Only) and if you purchase the Stoma-Shell and complete a post-purchase survey about your experience using it, we'll send you a 30% off discount code to use with the purchase of a second Stoma-Shell and/or the Helios Ostomy Support Belt (coming soon).