Our Story - Helios Creative Works and the Stoma-Shell

Helios Creative Works, LLC. was officially born in early 2021 by two determined friends, James and Marshall in Colorado, USA.

However, the idea started years earlier in the mid-2000s, after a close member of James's family was diagnosed with Stage-3 Colorectal Cancer. As a result, they were required to utilize a permanent ostomy. For years, James watched and listened to his loved one struggle, as the ostomy caused issues with comfort, protection, and pressure while being active and when performing daily tasks such as: exercising at the gym, tucking-in clothes, wearing seat belts in the car, gardening, etc.

One day, James watched his loved one cut a piece of grey electrical PVC pipe and with a torch, formed a crude guard for their ostomy. It was bulky, heavy, and frankly... not very comfortable, but it gave his family member piece-of-mind that the ostomy and stoma was protected.

James knew he could help his loved one by designing something better. James joined forces with his friend and neighbor Marshall, combining their engineering, design, and fabrication expertise to develop a custom, slim, lightweight, form-fitting, and durable stoma and ostomy protector, while utilizing state of the art materials. This was the birth of the first Stoma-Shell!

After designing and building custom manufacturing equipment to produce the Stoma-Shell, and after nine prototypes in combination with dozens of design modifications; James and Marshall were able to develop a Stoma-Shell that was optimized to the point were James's loved one didn't realize they were wearing a protective guard... regardless of the activity or the clothes they had on.

The Stoma-Shell was just the start: with the Shell being co-designed to work with the Helios Support Belt, the system will provide weight support for your ostomy bag as well as physical protection.

After the two witnessed the impressive and impactful changes it made in both moral and daily mobility; James and Marshall reached out to other ostomates, GI doctors, and nurses around the country to see if these ostomy related issues were a common experience. It was an overwhelming YES: YOU need more effective and reasonably priced options for ostomy protection and support!

At that point, both James and Marshall realized they needed to do something about it, by sharing the Stoma-Shell to as many people as possible. In response, they decided to create HELIOS CREATIVE WORKS, LLC (Helios). The Stoma-Shell is just the beginning. The ethos of Helios is to be a thoughtful organization designed around you, the end-user. Our goal is to provide products that truly aid an individual's post-operative and post-rehabilitation needs. We are growing and will continue to develop new products and ask you to grow with us.

Helios Creative Works is here to make ostomy protection and support more effective and accessible. We're here to help, we promise to be the company you asked us to be... WE HEAR YOU!

The butterfly effect: Small donations can lead to a big difference.  That's why Helios donates a portion of all sales.

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Helios was created to make a positive impact on the world, one small step at a time. As a step toward that goal, Helios donates a portion of all sales to worthy nonprofit organizations.

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