Helios is Giving Back!

This company was created for one purpose... to help people.

We all have known or heard of someone who has undergone a life-changing event; whether it was cancer, pelvic trauma, thoracic surgery, GI disease, or some other invasive illness. These events are traumatic physically, mentally, and financially for the individuals and their families.

Part of our mission at Helios Creative Works is to actively give back as much as we can. Every purchase you make directly helps individuals with medical related needs. One dollar from every Stoma-Shell sold will be donated to one or more of the six organizations listed below. In addition, we have great plans for increasing our charitable contribution amount and public outreach as we increase momentum and our physical presence in this market... stay tuned!​

Join the Helios family and help us help others... BE A HELIOS HERO!

Want to do more?  To help in our mission to provide assistance to those in need and to help fight against invasive illnesses, such as cancer; please donate now. You can donate through these direct links to the following organizations that have made substantial progress in combating these illnesses: UCLA Health, MDAnderson, Mayo Clinic, City of Hope, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. You can make a difference and we thank you for joining the fight!