Collection: STOMA-SHELL

The Stoma-Shell was specifically designed to help support individuals who have undergone colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy procedures; by providing a protective shell that covers your stoma and top of your ostomy bag.

This patent pending system is a slim, lightweight, semi-flexible, yet rigid ostomy support and protective guard. The modern seashell design provides numerous advantages. It encourages a true sense of individuality and freedom for you, while providing structured protection for your ostomy and stoma. Our unique design also provides an ergonomic fit through flexibility, while contouring to most body types. The shell's contours were also designed to be semi-universal and compatible with most pre-existing abdominal support belts and hernia style belts available today.

We designed this system with the active user in mind. The goal of the Stoma-Shell is to provide increased mobility, comfortable support, and confident protection for adventure seekers who ask the most of their post-recovery support products.  The Stoma Shell is built tough for active individuals like you!

As a bonus, we have designed the system to include a  proprietary sound dampening layer (specific models only), which helps reduce audible reverberation from your stoma.