You're Worth It

You deserve options for ostomy protection and support that fit your body and fit your lifestyle. It's time for the next generation of sleek, comfortable, and effective stoma protectors.



How to use the Stoma-Shell:

How Rigid is the Protection of the Stoma-Shell?

  • Lightweight Material

    The Stoma-Shell is made with a premium thermoplastic material which is also used in the aviation and medial prosthetic industries. This material provides the benefit of being super strong and also ultra lightweight, at only 22 grams for the [slim] Shell. This makes it easy to keep around and slip in or out of your belt as needed.

  • High density sound absorbing foam backing is used on the Stoma-Shell to reduce sounds from your stoma.

    Sound Dampener

    The first of its kind, the Stoma-Shell offers an acoustic dampening layer on the inside surface of the Shell. This is designed to reduce occasional noises from the stoma.

  • Textured Exterior

    The slightly textured exterior makes this ostomy protector tough against abrasion and gives a natural grip. Along with the smooth interior, this whole Stoma-Shell is easy to clean with soap and water.

  • This image shows the smoothly chamfered edges on the Stoma Shell, helping give an open output channel for the ostomy to prevent compaction around the stoma.

    Chamfered Edges

    The natural seashell shape was adapted with perfectly chamfered edges to give you maximum mobility, giving your body room where it needs it while bending, running, or just sitting! The chamfered edges protrude to hold out the output channel of the Stoma-Shell, keeping space for output and preventing compaction around your ostomy site.